"I aspire to be a responsive and perceptive listener who can translate a client’s philosophy and goals into a high-quality practical solution…"


With over 30 years international experience, Ms. Xiaolei Ouyang is committed to integrating Chinese and Western business management technique by attracting and nurturing top professional talents to build strong design management teams. For the 18 years prior to founding 3MIX at the end of 2015, Xiaolei was a principal partner of Callison Global and served as Executive Committee Member of Callison China and General Manager of its Shanghai Office. She was instrumental in establishing Callison's reputation recognition in China. With her excellent organizational implementation skills, a unifying leadership style, as well as her extensive knowledge of commercial mixed-use projects, Xiaolei has demonstrated successful completion of quality mixed-use projects in the China market. She is noted for her client focus, quick responses to complex challenges and her ability to provide both creative and consistent results for her clients.


The works described in this section are projects designed and led by current 3MIX Partners and stakeholders while associated with Callison, a global design firm based in Seattle, USA. The firm was acquired by Arcadis in 2014 and integrated as CallisonRTKL in 2015.