2019-04-26 11:49
      3MIX to present Shanghai Ankangyuan Mixed Use Development at CTBUH 2019 for its 50th Anniversary theme: The Resent History and Essential Future of Sustainable Cities

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      2019-03-22 12:15

      专家 • 着眼未来 共享时代

      At the 2019 Shopping Center Rating Standards Conference, Yan Yang, Chairman of 3MIX Architecture, said that the introduction of the standard has a profound effect:
      First, it urges us to reduce both material and cultural waste. Land, energy, opportunity, and other such precious resources too often get squandered without high standards of planning and design. In the current industry, truly qualified shopping malls which capitalise on their resources’ full potential only represent 15%-20% of the total stock.
      Second, the standard grasps the essence of commercial real estate: to improve people's quality of life. It is right to put the score for quality of internal space at the top of the list.
      Thirdly, it has played a crucial guiding role in the cultivation of future talent and trajectory - serving as an industry professional’s equivalent to a reference book. 

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